Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (RvA) of HOBIJ is the point of contact for the management on policy issues. The four most important objectives are:

  • Advising on the vision and strategy development of the company. For the short, medium and long term;
  • ​To be a sounding board of the management on operational issues;
  • Advising the management in choosing the most suitable organizational structure;
  • Effectively supervising good governance and safeguarding of the identity, continuity and development of the company.

The Advisory Board consists of Toine Roks, Marc van Stratum and Gys Driessen.

Toine Roks

“You never stop learning. Each time this ensures personal development.” 
Toine Roks started his career as an assistant accountant in the 1980´s. But he soon exchanged this job to be his father´s right hand when setting up the company Roks Montage Holland in Sprundel. With his financial background, he helped the company grow and develop. And successfully. He led the company for about thirteen years, which grew into a major player in the industry. With about 85 employees and 28 million guilders turnover.
In 2001 Heijmans NV knocked at the door for a takeover. With proper arrangements for both the people and the company, this resulted in an improvement in terms of business and personal growth. With the takeover Roks moved with his office to Rotterdam. There, Toine headed the Industry Services division of Heijmans BV. It certainly took some getting used to for him to go from the Brabant country to Rotterdam. But in retrospect, this was an important moment in his life that has only made him stronger. The experience in Rotterdam has helped him to be clear and more in control.
By seconding the Industrial Services division of Heijmans BV to SPIE Nederland BV, he learned that things could be even better. Toine Roks has been director of the industry division at SPIE since 2008. A position that he still fills with great enthusiasm and passion. “From a family business to a listed company, working in Rotterdam and then sold to a private equity, that gave many learning opportunities” says Roks.” You never stop learning. Each time this ensures personal development. You learn so much by interacting with other people, but also through other reports. It casts a new light on things and helps one move forward. Not only has the company changed each time, but it has also improved.”

Marc van Stratum

“Good relationships and being able to count on each other”
Family and good relationships are very important to Marc. He is very proud of his family. He has been married to Christi for over 30 years and they have three children together. Since July 2018 he is the proud grandfather of Jop. Relationships, from a private and business perspective, are very important to Marc.
As the youngest child of five, Marc did not follow in his father's footsteps. He did not opt for road construction but pursued his interest in business economics. After his HEAO studies, Marc started working and studying for Chartered Accountant in 1985. Since 1991 he can refer to himself as RA and from 1992, he has been (co) owner. Until 2017 he had always worked in accountancy. At the age of 50 he followed and completed the business valuator training. He has also specialized as register valuator (RV).
In his time as accountant he has been able to take a behind-the-scenes look at many companies (especially SMEs). And he was the point of contact for many entrepreneurs and owners, for business and private matters. Really helping people and organizations, that is his passion. And he has taken that passion and experience along in his current position: leading an international company that focuses on facilitating the ideal workplace for the monitor worker/ knowledge worker.
“I am always in search of collaboration with multiple disciplines, so that a group of experts forms a strong team. That's why I find relationships and being able to really count on each other to be so important.” Sports, preferably with family or friends, are his way of relaxing. Marc is also a board member of some non-profit foundations, is committed to a school in The Gambia and is a member of several RVAs. Also, at HOBIJ.

Gys Driessen

“Inspiring people to actually make use of their talent”
Gys grew up in Veghel on the Zuidkade. And he is the son of ‘buizen boer’ Jan Driessen. He now lives in Rosmalen and is married to Monique. Is a father of five children and a grandfather of three. Driessen had a fantastic high school period at Zwijssen College and after that he studied law in Tilburg. After that, he quickly concluded that HR was the profession that best served his passion.
After gaining experience in various HR roles, he became HR Director at Fuji Film in Tilburg at the age of 37. Getting the best out of people was Fuji's motto. After sixteen years, he made the switch to entrepreneur and became owner of Stratos. An agency for coaching and career guidance. His agency had great clients in Veghel. Four years ago he decided to return to HR, as director of HR at Radboudumc in Nijmegen.
“Developing people is my passion. It is after all so cool when you see people shine, because they do work that suits them well. And to guide them to bring out even more of themselves. Of course, in a good match with what an organization needs. At Fuji, Stratos and now Radboudumc that is what keeps me moving. I am convinced that this is also the core of what HOBIJ stands for and that everyone works hard on this every day. As a member of the Advisory Board, I would like to use my experience for your beautiful organization!”